Protect your small firm from

ransomware and hacker attacks

missed by your antivirus so that you don't lose money and clients.

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Are you shielded from the latest cyber attacks?

Small firms like yours need to avoid the lost hours and hassles caused by hackers. You are busy enough already!

Our Huntress computer guard dogs stop ransomware, theft of files, trojan horses and other evil bugs that get through all other defenses.

Hackers Target Small Firms

Some attorneys say:

"We are too small a target. Hackers won't bother with us."

Small firms hit by ransomware hackers:

-- Hamilton and Naumes, a two-attorney firm in Oregon, was attacked by the Maze ransomware group which notoriously targets the legal profession.

-- Warden Grier, a four-attorney firm in Kansas City, Missouri, paid a ransom for an attack in 2016. Then in 2018, a client sued the firm. The client stumbled upon their personally identifiable information leaked on the Deep Web by the ransom gang.

-- Now an eight-lawyer firm, the then eleven-lawyer firm of Baker Wotring of Houston, Texas experienced publication of all their files by hackers. They exposed law firm information including fee agreements and diaries from personal injury cases.

And these are just a few of the reported accounts. Small firms don't publicize their cybersecurity incidents. Only a tiny fraction of the stories make the news.

What's It Like to be Attacked?

A Cautionary Story

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Whitney, a small firm attorney, was distracted during a long conference call. Whitney opened an email attachment apparently from a client and unwittingly downloaded ransomware.

A few weeks later on a Saturday morning, Whitney discovered that the firm's files were encrypted. That brought the firm to standstill - all computers down.

To make matters worse, the ransom note said that the firm's client files would be made public on the deep web if the ransom was not paid.

It took their tech expert a week of long hours to clear all the computers, reinstall and configure all the software, and restore files from backups. In the meantime, the firm lost access to current case files, missed deadlines, and lost client trust. They were embarrassed when the hackers followed up on their threat by posting confidential documents on the deep web.

They didn't pay the ransom; however, the firm lost some important clients and over $100,000 in revenue and recovery expenses. Morale in the firm suffered. People were anxious about more cyber attacks and concerned about the firm's reputation and future.

Detect and Stop Hackers Cold

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Computer Guard Dogs

Your Huntress computer guard dogs will constantly patrol inside all your computers.

They find and neutralize threats that slip through your firewall and antivirus software.

Here's What Huntress Does for You...

Stays out of sight, letting you work, while the guard dogs constantly patrol your computers.

Blocks and quarantines threats missed by your antivirus software and firewall.

Inspects the places inside your computers where time bombs can hide out, striking on a weekend.

"Phones home" to our incredibly advanced threat hunters whenever it finds something suspicious.

Assists in the process of removing threats that sneak into your computers.

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What Is Your Plan B?

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What Happens When Your Antivirus Fails?

Ransomware with file-stealing attacks are succeeding every single day.

Yet the victims all have antivirus software. What is your Plan B if your antivirus software fails?

When something is compromised

Senior Vice President, IT Services Company:

"Before Huntress, ... we had our firewall. We had our web filtering. Those were preventive type solutions, right? So what happens when something is compromised and we don't know about it. How do we ensure that there's something in place to protect our clients. And Huntress provided us with a different outtake on how we can protect our clients."

Threats that slip through

IT Vice President, East Coast Manufacturer:

“We were focused on creating and layering our security barriers; we never stopped to think about what happens when those preventive tools fall short. The concept of ... catching the threats that will slip through is so unique—that’s why I see Huntress not only as a complement to our outer layers but as a true innovation.”

Large Firm Protection at an Affordable, Small Firm Price

A Huntress subscription gives you the peace of mind that your firm is protected 24/7.

Your protection will be as good or better than what the large firms have.

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Why Is Huntress So Affordable?

Volume Purchasing - We serve many small firms so we can purchase in large quantities.

Huntress makes extensive use of automation informed by human expert threat hunters.

Huntress has extremely low customer support costs due to their highly effective and automated handling of threats.

Get Huntress Today for

$10 per Computer & Server per Month

The large firms are paying more than 10 times as much for competing services.

Huntress from SecureMyFirm

I know you'll be so much safer with Huntress guarding your computers and protecting your firm. If you are not 100% satisfied, we'll refund your initial payment.

Wells H. Anderson, J.D., CEO

SecureMyFirm Inc. 952.922.1120

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